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Ukiah Horse Pre-Purchase Exams

Speak with a Trusted Vet Before Buying a Horse in Mendocino County

Purchasing a horse is a huge decision! Many important factors contribute to your purchase—health, temperament, cost, athleticism, training, ability, and more. It is important to take all of these factors into consideration so that you make an informed decision. One of the most critical issues to consider is the health of your potential horse. Evaluation of an animal’s health can be best accomplished by a arranging veterinary pre-purchase examination. Dr. Rich Brazil, DVM is an experienced large animal veterinarian in Ukiah who can answer your questions and give you peace of mind as you make this major purchase decision!

Do I Need to Schedule an Equine Pre-Purchase Exam?

The purpose of a pre-purchase exam is to provide a potential buyer with sufficient information to make the right purchase decision. An examination from an experienced veterinarian can expose health concerns and determine whether or not a horse will meet the rider’s needs.

An equine examination should serve two main purposes:


  1. Assess general health and condition, conformation, and soundness through evaluation of the patient’s health history, vital signs, general condition, and conformation evaluation

  2. Reveal any pre-existing conditions through X-Rays, soundness examination, and blood work


It should be a red flag to if the seller is hesitant to agree to a pre-purchase exam by a veterinarian. Many sellers will even agree to split the cost of the examination if the buyer is seriously interested in an animal! If the seller is hesitant to agree to a pre-purchase exam, you may want to re-consider your selection. Ensuring that your horse is sound and healthy is a critical first step.


Dr. Rich Brazil has been practicing equine veterinary medicine in Lake and Mendocino counties for decades. Whether you are looking for a companion, a work partner, or a competitive prospect, Dr. Brazil understands what to look for in a soundness exam and how to help you make the right choice when shopping for a new horse. Whatever your needs may be, you can rely on our team for the counsel and assistance required to make a decision you won't regret.

Call Our Potter Valley Veterinarian at (707) 462-0408!

Get in touch with our team today and schedule your pre-purchase exam. Our mobile practice ensures convenience. Dr. Brazil brings almost 30 years of experience to the field and can be trusted to provide you with the vital information you need in making your purchase decision. Call us at (707) 462-0408 today!

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