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Equine Dentistry in Mendocino County

Reliable Equine Veterinarian for the Ukiah Area

Many horse owners don’t realize how important equine dentistry is in the care and well-being of their horses. Dr. Rich Brazil, DVM is a Ukiah equine veterinarian who has a special interest in equine dentistry. He provides advanced dental services for his rural patients. He believes that proper dental care is fundamental and central to horse health. Call us today for an exam or to schedule a professional dentistry in Lake or Mendocino counties!

What’s the Difference Between a Float and a Professional Dentistry?

Many people think of floating when they think of equine dental care. However, a traditional floating involves only hand tools and minimal capacity to significantly change dental malocclusions. Dr. Brazil uses advanced equipment to achieve results for his patients that make a difference and improve their overall well-being.

Equine dental care is foundational to horse health. Without experienced dentistry, horses are prone to develop abnormalities in their teeth that can cause extreme pain and weight loss. While many veterinarians offer basic tooth floating service that can provide a short-term solution, only some are qualified to treat and correct dental malformations.

Top Benefits of Professional Equine Dentistry

Regular dental maintenance is required to facilitate both the animal’s health and the harmony between the horse and rider. Proper dental care can:

  • Prevent premature tooth and weight loss by creating an even chewing surface for the mastication and easy digestion of feed

  • Reduce the risk of colic due to an impaction

  • Alleviate pain caused by the use of a bit, thereby eliminating behavioral problems attributable to discomfort

Contact Our Ukiah Equine Vet at (707) 462-0408 Today!

With close to 30 years of experience, you can trust that Dr. Brazil will develop a long-term solution for your horse’s dental care. We can come to you, or you can bring your horse to our Potter Valley clinic at a scheduled appointment time. Call Dr. Brazil at (707) 462-0408 to schedule a quick consultation today.

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