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Herd Health in the Ukiah Area

Experienced Ranch Vet Trusted in Lake & Mendocino Counties for 28 Years

Ranchers know that a complete herd health plan is essential to the wellbeing and profitability of their ranching operation. The unfortunate and unwanted task of trying to manage a disease outbreak can be much more costly and time-consuming than simply implementing a preventative program. That’s why proactive care is so important. Dr. Rich Brazil, DVM works with his Ukiah area clients to develop plans for long-term herd health. Call the team at (707) 462-0408 to schedule a consultation today!

Preventative Health Program for Your Willits / Ukiah Ranch

It is important to involve your Ukiah large animal veterinarian in planning and implementation of a disease prevention program for your ranch animals. Your vet’s involvement will ensure that he is familiar with the history of your herd and can provide a framework for diagnosis and future healthcare. Our team works closely with you to develop and implement a herd health plan that achieves desired results within specified perimeters. This page contains information about recommended care, outlined by Dr. Rich Brazil.

Recommended Vaccinations

Pre-calving vaccinations:


  • Killed Virus complex (IBR BVD P13 BRSV)

  • Clostridial complex

  • Tetanus Toxoid

  • Pinkeye vaccine at this time


Prior to breeding:


  • Modified Live virus complex (IBR BVD P13 BRSV)

  • Clostridial complex, only required for the new breeding age heifers


Calf vaccines:


  • Clostridial Complex

  • Pinkeye vaccine

  • Boosters administered three to four weeks following this first round of vaccination


Calves 45 days prior to weaning:


  • A Modified Live virus complex (IBR BVD P13 BRSV)

  • A Clostridial complex (consider including pinkeye)

  • A Pasturella vaccine

  • Tetanus Toxoid

Additional Recommended Herd Health Services

In addition to vaccinations, important herd health services include:


  • Breeding soundness exam: Evaluation of the stock in your breeding program to identify potential low performers

  • Pregnancy check

Call Dr. Brazil for Your Consultation

In addition to his credentials as a 28-year large animal veterinarian in Potter Valley, Willits, and surrounding areas, Dr. Brazil is also a trained ranch management expert. He is committed to serving ranchers throughout the Ukiah community, helping you maximize profits while avoiding pitfalls and setbacks. Our family owned and operated practice is poised to serve as your ideal partner in all matters pertaining to Northern California ranching and herd health. We are proud to serve ranchers throughout Lake, Mendocino, and Sonoma counties.

Contact Dr. Rich Brazil today at (707) 462-0408 to schedule an appointment or a consultation!

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