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Animal Health Certificates in Ukiah

Trusted Large Animal Veterinarian for Potter Valley & Redwood Valley

Traveling with your animal require careful planning. If your trip involves interstate travel, it is important to check the destination state’s health certificate requirements. Most states require an up-to-date Certificate of Veterinary Inspection in order to bring an animal across state lines. Call Dr. Rich Brazil, DVM if you are traveling to a state that requires this.

Do I Need to Schedule a Health Inspection Before Transporting My Animal?

State requirements vary depending on factors such as:


  • Species

  • Age

  • Destination


The majority of states call for a veterinarian certification indicating that the animal is healthy to travel and free of any signs of communicable diseases. Many states also require proof that the animal’s vaccinations are current in order for a certificate to be issued. Call our Ukiah large animal veterinarian for an appointment or a consultation.

Check State Requirements Before You Travel

It is important to check the requirements of your destination state and to plan accordingly. The United States Department of Agriculture’s website provides detailed information broken out by species and location indicating health certificate requirements. Click here to check the requirements of the state to which you are traveling. 

Call Dr. Brazil, DVM for Your Appointment!

Whether you are traveling with your horse to an event or transporting a shipment of livestock to a show or sale, a consultation with your local vet will help ensure that you are in compliance with all state entry requirements. Our Potter Valley large animal vet can answer all your questions! If you are uncertain or unclear on state requirements, give our team a call. You can trust Dr. Rich Brazil for assistance in mapping out the certifications you will need in order for your trip to go smoothly. Call our office at (707) 462-0402 today to make an appointment!

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