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Ukiah equine veterinarian


Large Animal Veterinarian

Dr. Rich Brazil is a ranch and equine vet who has been serving Lake and Mendocino counties for 28 years. Call to schedule a visit.


Our Practice

Large Animal Vet for the Ukiah Area

Ranch & Equine Veterinarian Serving Lake & Mendocino Counties

Dr. Rich M. Brazil, DVM has been serving Lake and Mendocino counties for 28 years. His Potter Valley-based practice offers the highest standard of care in large animal medicine for clients throughout Ukiah, Redwood Valley, and surrounding communities. Dr. Brazil offers both a clinic facility and a mobile practice, ensuring that even the most rurally-located clients have access to quality veterinary care.

Coming from a family of farmers with deep roots in animal husbandry, Dr. Brazil cares about animal welfare and understands both the economic and emotional roles his patients play in agricultural communities. He is supported by his wife, Dr. Erin Walsh Brazil, DVM, who serves the practice in a vital consultation role. From herd health to equine dentistry to rodeo / fair work and more, Dr. Brazil is able to target his practice in order to optimally serve the unique needs of the community he knows so well.

Nearly 30 Years of Experience in Large Animal Medicine

Dr. Brazil is known and trusted throughout the community, and known for an approach that combines care for his patients and respect for his clients. You treat your animal with care and compassion, and you can trust Dr. Brazil to do the same! Rich and his wife Erin Brazil both practice veterinary medicine, with Erin playing a consultative role in the practice. They graduated together from U.C. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine with honors. They chose to move to Potter Valley due to their appreciation for agricultural communities and their shared love of working with large animals. Learn more about our services when you call today.

Some of the animals our Ukiah large animal veterinarian cares for include:


  • Horses

  • Cattle

  • Goats

  • Sheep

  • Pigs

  • Alpacas / llamas

  • Exotic animals

Call Dr. Brazil in Potter Valley Today!

No one wants to be in sudden need of a veterinarian, but if you are, choose Dr. Rich Brazil, DVM. He provides calm, collected, and experienced care to help you and your animal through whatever situation you encounter. We look forward to serving you.



Ukiah large animal veterinarian


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